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The problems sharing photos on Google Plus

Google+ has lots to offer for us photographers!!!

First of all, Google says: Everything you have uploaded is mine and I can do with it whatever I want.

Although I believe Google won’t sell my work these guidelines are bad for sharing photos.

We can see, what Google is capable of in terms of books. In Google Books you may find many books digitalized the authors aren‘t aware of.

We don‘t know what the future will bring. Maybe a mini stock photo agency called Google Stock?

It would be a wiser step to let the owner decide what should happen with the uploaded content.

Sharing Photos on G+ OUTlaws?

But Google Plus is a virtual world without borders or national laws and users have no rights – so it seems on first sight. It is Googles right to build the virtual world on bases of their vision. Google is paying lots of money to offer you services and get all kinds of informations out of you.

A friend of mine told me, that it is not easy to build up guidelines fitting to all nations law.

Take the service Google offers you or leave it!

Especially professional photographers will have a big problem sharing their work and telling their stock photo agency that Google has rights on their photos too.

In consequence of the Google guidelines any photo that has any sellable value should not be shared on Google+.

What is Social Media about? Sharing!

But social media is not about NOT SHARING or only sharing rubbish.

Google has to change their guidelines in the name of professional photography. But I am sure they won’t.

Meanwhile you have to think twice which photo you can upload to Google+ and what you can do with your uploaded photo to make it unattractive to do something else with it than sharing on Google+.

This can mean: Make you photo as small as possible and retouch a huge watermark in it. Like this:

Stolen on Google+

You can download a photoshop action to do so for free here.

Of course you can upload your photos on your private server/homepage or on a service with higher trust like flickr and paste a link to Google+.

Sharing photos on Google Plus: Picasa

And than there is another thing you have to keep in mind while sharing your photos on Google+. There is an option in Picasa that enables others to order prints from your photos or download them by default. Keep that in mind or disable this function on Google Plus/ Picasa via:

1. Click on Photos at the very top in the black nav bar.
2. Little Gear in the far right very top corner is your settings link for whichever aspect of Google Plus you are in.
3. Photo Settings > Privacy and Permissions
4. Unclick Order Prints and Download my Photos
5. Save Changes.

Thinking that everything on the net is mine is a common behavior. It is positively influenced by such guidelines from big players like Google, twitpic or facebook.

Sharing photos on Google Plus: Human Beings

Yesterday somebody deleted me from his circle with the words:

„Oh I couldn‘t download your photos? It is time to delete you from my circles!“

It is not the whole truth that big companies are bad. It is human beings who think they can do everything with a photo they found on the net. They are the real problem sharing photos on the internet. I think these people are also the result of big influential role models like the above mentioned companies.

Let me tell you this:
Sharing is not only about giving away everything. It could also be about showing and commenting. I won‘t get any money to tell others how to become better photographers on social media platforms. It is not a workshop that is sharing!

There are photographers who have to feed a family selling their work. It is the right of the photo owner to do whatever he wants to do with it. If the owner decides to give a photo away with a creative commons license I appreciate it.

But even if you want to do so sometimes it is not possible. Especially if you have a contract with a stock photo agency.

So what can we do?

We can spread this message to all the other people outside. I believe there is a chance for rethinking and more tolerance for people who have to live from hard work.


Google+ (plus) for photographers

Google have done a great job. Google+ is fun and was designed thoughtfully. It combines features I love on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter and put them together in a way they make great  fun. I found nothing annoying on Google+.


Google+ (plus) for photographers – What is great?

  • At first sight: Nothing new!!
  • At second sight: A lot of fun browsing through content that could be interesting for me.

I am a big fan of open systems so I hate facebook for making things so complicated in terms of networking.

For me as a German Photographer with lots of contacts to English speaking photographers circles are the answer to my problem splitting up German and English speaking friends.

At the moment I have only 2 circles called “English” and “German”.

Life could be so easy!

I am surprised how fast my contacts are growing. It is the Twitter Phenomenon that open systems are growing more effective. And I am really impressed about the quality of content in my timeline.

Sparks are in some ways my new Hashtags and I am sure Google will do a good job filtering all the Spam that could appear in my Spark time line. Twitter has done nothing to clean my hashtag timelines like “photography”, “Kiel” or “Hamburg”. They are a kind of worthless for me at the moment. Maybe Google will help keeping the informations for photographers on Google+ cleaner than twitter has done it.

What I am a little bit afraid of is that Google now has more informations about things I am doing on the internet. Especially all my public relation strategies are now in danger to be caught by an algorithm that could give me penalties in googles search index. So Google guidelines are more important than ever in the future. I am not doing bad things so I hope nothing bad will happen.

Google+ (plus) for photographers- What is a problem?

What I am afraid of: Google+ is holding a hand on my content to use it. The guidelines are strictly and clearly. Google is allowed to license your content for what ever they will do in the future. Of course I put some photos in the timeline to give new photographers a short view on my work, but I put a big watermark into the photos. The watermark will be more than a sign not to use it without a permission.

I am hoping for the future that Google will change their guidelines. Because the photo browsing is great.

Google+ (plus) for photographers -What is missing?

There are some things missing like finding groups of interesting user like public circles. So I build up a G+ post where everybody who is interested in photography is invited to connect and write down a comment. If you are an English speaking photo geeks feel free in networking and write down your interests under this G+ post and connect to others:

Google+ (plus) for photographers

Please help spreading this post to build up a great circle of photography interests. And of course add me to your time line: Olaf Bathke @ g+