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Are you afraid about steep coasts?

Since last year I have heard more and more stories about steep coasts breaking away. There are tragical accidents caused by erosions of coastlines here in Germany. For example the 10 year old that was buried alive by a massive spilling at Kap Arkona on the Isle of Rügen last year. I have slept and shot exactly at that point where the accident happened. This is the photo I have shot some years ago.


I have the feeling that our environmental problems are causing more and more damage around us. Coastlines are always in movement but I guess there is more damage that is happening to them nowadays.

Sleeping at the beach is something I really love. But steep coasts are giving me more and more the feeling to look up instead of looking down or far away enjoying the view.

I guess there is no risk to sleep outside under a steep coasts unless it is heavy rain and storm. Luckily both weather conditions won‘t be inviting to do so. And the most dangerous thing that happens to me was a snail crawling over my mouth while sleeping.


I am not quite comfortable feeling a threat from above. This influences my work on the ground. I have not found the right solution dealing with that. I try to talk to myself: “There is no risk, stay calm…”, but it won‘t help. :-)

This is quite a bit normal. But when there is something new I try to implement it. Emotions have a strong influence in our work as nature photographers.

How do deal with feelings like that while being out in mother nature?

Photographing Aurora Borealis in Northern Europe

It is quiet today! This is the beginning of my newest photography adventure:

From now on I am hunting Aurora Borealis in Germany!

Yes, you can take pictures of polar light in Germany or other European Countries.

As you can see on this forecast for Aurora Borealis hunter: It is quiet today. It is quiet most of the time! Read more