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Making of: Trash the Dress Shooting – Hamburg

Trash the Dress – Hamburg These are some photos from a great shooting I had recently. To be precise my assistant Lars Michael Rolf and I had this great Trash the Dress shooting with a couple from Hamburg. Those shootings are not only a lot of fun.

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Making of: Jasmund Nationalpark

One of my favorite place for taking seascapes photos is the island Rügen at the Baltic Sea. Only 4 hours away from my hometown Kiel it is a great place for a short trip. It is a bit tricky to reach the more interesting spots on Rügen

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R.I.P. BMW F 650 GS Dakar aka Moppie

We had glorious times. Now you have gone to a better place. What lasts is the GoogleEarth photo I took with lots of efforts: And the glorious game LaneSplitter on my iPhone:Growing older sometimes is so hard… 🙂

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Making Of: It Came in Gusts

The photo “It came in gusts” marks a time in my life, in which many positive changes happened. (It marks also a time in which I invented pathetic titles for my photos 😉 ) At that time there were many positive private developments after a rather dark

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Coworking Space

Space for people and services I love to work with: