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Making of: Trash the Dress Shooting – Hamburg

Trash the Dress – Hamburg

These are some photos from a great shooting I had recently. To be precise my assistant Lars Michael Rolf and I had this great Trash the Dress shooting with a couple from Hamburg.

Those shootings are not only a lot of fun. There is also a great responsibility coming with them: No second chance If you burn your wedding dress!

Lucky I am Lars was with me and helped a lot. So see the making of snippets from this great trash the dress shooting below. All are done by Lars, the great Lars Michael Rolf, thank you….

You can find the original wedding photos from Hamburg and the Trash the Dress photos on my service blog.


You can see Lars on the left:

Theses are the shots from Lars:

Making of: Jasmund Nationalpark

One of my favorite place for taking seascapes photos is the island Rügen at the Baltic Sea. Only 4 hours away from my hometown Kiel it is a great place for a short trip.

It is a bit tricky to reach the more interesting spots on Rügen because the tourist industry won’t let you in the way I need to take photos. There are no places to stay in a Van. It is hard to come near the beach without spending a fortune on parking fees. So backpacking and sleeping at the beach is the key for great photos.

For such small trips I have really small equipment with me: Only cold and dry food, no tent, only a sleeping bag, a biwi bag, one or two lenses. Read more

R.I.P. BMW F 650 GS Dakar aka Moppie

We had glorious times. Now you have gone to a better place.
What lasts is the GoogleEarth photo I took with lots of efforts:

And the glorious game LaneSplitter on my iPhone:Growing older sometimes is so hard… :-)

Making Of: It Came in Gusts

The photo “It came in gusts” marks a time in my life, in which many positive changes happened. (It marks also a time in which I invented pathetic titles for my photos ;-) )

At that time there were many positive private developments after a rather dark phase.

Interestingly enough this awareness of life is reflected in this photo, although it was not intended. The photo arouses rather intuitively. Read more