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You are a controlling piece of …

After two years of abstinence the whole Bathke family went out on a photo trip. My wife called it vacations, I called it work and our son called it geological excursions at the beach… As you can think it is not easy to get all these expectations under

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Smells like fish

There are a few things, which smells like fish and one of them is in the near of the Butt of Lewis. But it started in the flat lands of the Isle of Uist. Great landscape not many travelers. I was heading northwards very fast because I

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The danger of coldness

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Meetings and Reconnections

Some impressions of Ricks Roadtrip Meetings 10 years ago I met Rick Koda on his trip around the world. Rick has traveled around the world with a Kawasaki KLR for about 2 years. At that time he was fulfilled with Bob Dylan lyrics. We shared the road

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Coworking Space

Space for people and services I love to work with: