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You are a controlling piece of …

After two years of abstinence the whole Bathke family went out on a photo trip. My wife called it vacations, I called it work and our son called it geological excursions at the beach…

As you can think it is not easy to get all these expectations under one roof. The last two years of long photo trips where very easy for me. No compromises to be made: Scouting, waiting for the right light and stinking by myself in the Van.

I am very proud that my family managed the photo trip with all compromises and the welcoming of simplicity. Simplicity is a law in travelling in the way the Bathke family decided is the best way to fit all their needs.

We all love the beach and try to stay there as long as possible.

It turns out that Denmark, famous for family friendly holydays, was the worst country to travel – wild like the Bathke family prefers.

It is a nightmare to be awaken in the night and get an expensive punishment and being send away by a public controller. Only the British parking mafia can do more harm by “wild clamping”.

For those of you who are living in a free country: In Denmark punishing for wild camping is not the job of the police. It is the job of seasonal controllers, paid by the government, forced by the tourist industry. I hate all kinds of tourist industry it is a real thread for the mankind. You have to travel through the southeast of Denmark to understand what I mean.

And it won’t help telling the controllers that you are responsible for the Danish success in terms of tourist industry. Of course it is photography that sells the landscape.

“The controllers are the fault of the surfers who come like grasshoppers and spoil the coastline. German surfers!” A guy from the Netherlands told me.

We have had a hard time scouting and staying most of the time in places we didn’t plan to stay.

Denmark you won’t contribute from my artistic skills because you are controlling the wrong person!!!!

It is easy to get inspired in great sceneries but it is hard to get a good shot in ordinary landscapes. You have to get in touch with simplicity and find beauty in small things. Photography loves simplicity.

Once more my son was my teacher. He showed me to look at small things while collecting fossils at the beach.

This photo trip was a lecture in dealing with simplicity. Denmark is a tough place to travel and I won’t recommend it to other landscape photographers anymore:

Don’t travel to Denmark and shoot the landscape! Otherwise you are supporting the German “Surfer” Invasion or a sick controlling system!


Smells like fish

There are a few things, which smells like fish and one of them is in the near of the Butt of Lewis.

But it started in the flat lands of the Isle of Uist. Great landscape not many travelers. I was heading northwards very fast because I know what awaits me on the Isle of Harris.

Guess what, there was no mobile internet access on all Outer Hebrides Isles. All my efforts to navigate with Googlemaps and iPhone are wasted. So I bought new hardware, some good old paper maps.

But it turns out: Navigation was surprisingly easy, not many roads to get lost.

It rained 75% of the whole time, but I was lucky taking some great photos between the floods. You know changing weather is making good photos.

The people out there were very friendly. The landscape is a bit like Norway, lots of fjell, rocks and Atlantic.

The food was not really good. So I was lucky bringing all stuff with me. I tried a restaurant in the near off the most boring lighthouse I have seen: The Butt of Lewis. And it smells so much like fish…

I have done great photos, lots of great opportunities there.

And I have plannend and prepared a secret project you will hear of in the next months.

Above are some impressions filmed with the iPhone. All sequences are taken out of the hip. But I am sure you will get some impressions on what it is traveling on Outer Hebrides.

YouTube Preview Image

The danger of coldness

Meetings and Reconnections

Some impressions of Ricks Roadtrip


10 years ago I met Rick Koda on his trip around the world. Rick has traveled around the world with a Kawasaki KLR for about 2 years. At that time he was fulfilled with Bob Dylan lyrics. We shared the road for 4 days and talked about the world, ourselves, women, drugs and everything else. Read more