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Buffer problems with the Canon 5 D mark III (3) – graphical problems on RAW files

Today I could see a strange graphical issue on 2 photos shot with my new Canon 5 D mark III (3) in high speed shooting mode. Let me show you the problem: It occurred using a CF and a SD card in both slot using them to

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Should I buy a new SSD for my old MacBookPro? Yes you should!

I f you are considering the investment in a new iMac because your pre Retina MacBookPro is too slow think about investing in a new SSD instead. I have my new SSD from Samsung since yesterday and I am so happy with it. Everything runs so smooth

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Buy used photography books

I have a huge collection of photo books. I love browsing through the pages. Studying one only photographer is also very inspiring to me. And most of the time they have something to tell. At the moment I order my photo books used via or

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Advanced water photography

You can read a great blog post I wrote recently for the Focus on Singh-Ray Filters Blog. It is about the creative possibilities of taking photos of seascapes and water using filters. Some readers contacted me via facebook and twitter and asked for further information about the

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Portrait Format – Terra Incognita

Christopher Columbus called the land, which he wanted to discover in the 15. Century, “Terra Incognita”. This „unknown land” is still to be discovered under the criterion “format” for a majority of the landscape photographers today. Portrait format – “Terra Incognita” In communities, discussion boards and on

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Coworking Space

Space for people and services I love to work with: