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Reinventing ourselves

Life is not always nice to ourselves. But crises always have a meaning in our life. They is a chance to make things different maybe better.

When things are not going the old way we have to reinvent ourselves. This is what will happen in the following months. Sometimes we have to say good bye to welcome new things in life. And I would be happy if you would stay with me and see what will rise the next months.

So I am online again…

Why I joined 500px!

It is a long time that I was quite active in an online photo community. I hate all those buddy habits in these closed systems.

Today I started an account on 500px. Lets give it a try.

There are some reasons that I choose 500px:

  • Good friends told me that it is awesome and different.
  • 500px respects my work and don’t wants to much in terms of copyright.
  • You can make a connection to Flattr.

The last point gave me the impulse to start again.

Please read this blog post, why I love Flattr.

It is a good sign, that a community allowed the connection and the usage of Flattr in their eco system.

What do you think about 500px? What should I be aware of? – New design, new overview

Dear friends. This is the new Look and Feel of

The new design and structure of my homepage is a big step forward.

It was very confusing to read about my work as a photographer on different layouts and in different structures over the last months. Shame on me that I haven’t fixed it earlier.

I am very pleased that the new Design is clear and functional. It enables me speaking in English and German in the same way.

Sending in English language was new to me when I started switching my public relation work to English. But I am proud to see that there are so many people outside willing to follow my English words. It is not easy as a European – to be precise as a German speaking European – to get so much international attention.

Thank you very much!

So I hope you like the new Design. If you haven’t already followed my blog now is the time to grab the RSS Feed of my English speaking Blog. There were lots of blog posts following in the next weeks. Don’t miss to add me on GooglePlus and Twitter.

Hello world

While I am writing these words I am sitting at the beach in Denmark. Decoyed by the light of my  MACBOOK Pro display moths are flying around my head like ideas that haven‘t found a place to land yet.

As a German I am not used to speak English all of the time. English is not my mother tongue. But it is the language I am communicating with the most, when I am traveling. I like English because of its simplicity and the ambiguousness of its words compared to German language.

There are several reasons to start a blog in English language.

The main reason is to reach more people with my public relations work. It is essential for a photographer to have a great viewership.

The other reason is to network wider than in German borders. I like networking. But nobody will network with you when he is not understanding what he is networking with. I think English will help me growing up a wider network.

And of course there are clients outside the German borders, that have requirments for what I am producing.

When you start something new normally you are not able to see what it will be in the future.

Let us be curious how this place will grow.

To stay with the picture from the beginning:

I know that there are moths flying around my head but I don‘t know exactly where and how they will land.

Hope you will share some great time with me.