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WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

Is there a “Best of Sexual Harassment Stock Photography”? I guess not

Great photographer: Douglas Ethridge

Jeremy Cowart did a great job shooting in Haiti only with his iPhone.

Is there a right for a pose? Photographer Konrad Rufus Müller is suing the German Mag Focus for using a photo of former chancellor Helmut Kohl. Konrad Rufus Müller is claiming a special hand gesture used on this photo being his creativ property. Welcome in Germany, the land of blurred street view…

Some Ideas for crowd funding.

It was cold: Time Lapse of an Antarctic Journey by Ship:
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WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

Vampires among us without permission.

The best single person tent. A discussion of professionals.

Trending photos on facebook

Fine interview with ANDREW SEAS.

Very fine short story:

Mr. Bruce Dale is talking about 30 years of his work:

Viewfinders hype (via petapixels): Read more

WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

This week I have stumbled, like so many others, over Vivian Maier:

Very fine short story: Read more

WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

Using an iPad as a Photography Portfolio.

I don’t agree with all of these statements, but have a look at how social media will change SEO usage of photographers.

Marin Parr about Finnish strangeness and Christmas: ymmärrän

A great short story about adventure, photography and being different: Read more

WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

Some possibilities to use Google Trends for analyzing photography markets.

There are 6 Episodes about the “The Genius of Photography” waiting to be seen on YouTube (via PetaPixel):

Great tips from Darwin for straight shooters:

WTF: (via

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