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The crisis of blogging

Google will shut down its greatest function of the whole Google system. Google Reader will not be there anymore on the first of july. What this means for bloggers is obvious. It will be not easy to help people following your blog post in the future. This

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Why I use Flattr?

What is Flattr? To make it short: It is a social micropayment system that lets you support content and creators you care about. Although it is more about donations, some creators in Europe are building a reliable financial base for their creative work. It is easy to

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Photography: The more the merrier?

Are you the kind of guy to show every single photo you have shot on the net? There is nothing wrong with that. The web is a free place. But maybe I can give you some reasons to rethink this strategy. I have lots of photos you

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Great Britain 2010 No.6

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Great Britain 2010 No.5

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