Olaf Bathke grew up in a small town near the Northern Sea. The flat landscape of Northern Germany defined his view and visions. Today Olaf Bathke is living with his son in the near of the Baltic Sea. His hometown Kiel is a perfect harbour for travelling and working as a photographer in Northern Europe. He is exploring Northern Europe as a freelance photographer on a motorcycle or with a van.

Olaf Bathke is represented by LOOK/Getty Images. His photos are published in different print magazines (mare, PM, Motorrad, etc…) all over the world. Outside the travelling season he is working as a portrait- and wedding photographer. Politicians, artists, cooperates, bridal couples and people with the requirments of authentic, vivid and individual photos are the clients of Olaf Bathke. You will find information about the photographic services on his German webpage: www.olafbathke.de

Olaf Bathke about landscape photography:

“The magic moments while searching for themes reminds me at an old film: A camera- team was searching an old surf legend. The surfer has disappeared. Nobody knows where he has gone. All friends and supporters are talking from his search for the ultimate wave. A wave – so it seems – he has never found. The camerateam follows the trail of the surfer and gets lost somewhere in the last paradises of the world…!”:

Olaf Bathkes photographic credo:

“We follow the trails of light curiously,

And get lost somewhere in the last paradises of the world!


Olaf Bathke loves the Baltic Sea

Olaf Bathke, fighting his way through Norwegian Wood


Olaf Bathke in Denmark

Olaf Bathke on the Outer Hebrides.

Olaf Bathke in Great Britain.

Olaf Bathke in Iceland.

Olaf Bathke on the Faroer Island.

Lost in a Vulcan Desert.




Model posing.

DriveIn Castle MacDonalds.



Wet feet in Scotland.