October 31, 2010 in WPJ - Weekly Photography Junction

WPJ – Weekly Photography Junction

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Like last week there are not many Photography Events this week. Here they come…

Take a picture and tell a story. Pictures and stories of prisoners. Very touching… (via PrisonPhotography)

My dear friend Sven Seebeck from Finland has written a guest post for a German Blog. You can read a simliar post about panning in english language on Sven’s Blog.

Great photos from Aleksey Bedny can be found.

The Lucie Awards has it‘s honorees.

Interview with documentary photographer Rob Hornstra, very interesting his words about using colors:

Some words and thoughts about Photojournalism (via PetaPixl):

A wedding in stop motion what a great idea:


  1. November 1, 2010 at 00:26



    Amazing stories and pics in the “power of photojournalism” video… many pics I wanna shoot, but never will shoot, because I’m to afraid of going to most of the places…

    Like the wedding stop motion really much… and as a sigur rós fan, of course jonsi’s song “around us” … will listen to his album “go” now… check out song no. 6 “kolniður”

    Thanks for sharing,


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