1. Actually I’m for some reason are not into black and white. Dunno, but I act and think in color, and b&w is somehow missing something for me. Maybe I like life too much to drain the color and create abstact art.

    By the way, interesting accent, sometimes a think english is inside there. And I’d really recommend listening to some english podcasts like Radiolab.org, or audiobooks like Harry Potter in english. It does wonders for your pronouciation.

    • thank’s for your advice. It is getting worse… 😉

      • If *this* accent is ‘worse’, [I Like] it!
        A british accent is way better than a german. You’d be hard pressed to get rid of your accent anyway – listening to more english will help.

  2. I can agree what Sam says after spending so many years in english speaking countries. The latter actually also helps, but if you do not have the time, then listen to english radio or look TV. BTW, that remembers me on Friends, when Ross met the girl from London, what a wonderful accent compared to the american one! 🙂

    Anyway, keep going, practicing makes the master, isn’t it?

  3. To answer your question I must say, that I have not used B+W until now at all.

    Well, that is true with one exception, I made a B+W picture of my girl-friends dog while resting on the floor in the room after the first day of our Kaunergrat tour. B+W proofed exceptionally good here.

    BTW, your english is not that bad.

  4. Greetings Olaf ignor the comments about your English you will find it 100% better than most british persons ability to learn or speak a foriegn language.I like to hear an accent it remainds me of when I lived in the Netherlands, Brits are lazy at languages. As of the real question, I love B&W photography it gives you the ability to deepen the shadows and play around with the contrast creating extra depth to a photograph, esp’ for a portait as there are no colour distractions around the face it helps you to guide the viewer into the focal point you have created. Great work look forward to more video blogs are you ever in London ?

    Best regards

    Justin Sidney (Artist)

    • @Justin: Thanks for your comment. In fact I found the British very tolerant and polite listing to my words. As a perfectionist it is not easy to stand the mistakes I have made and will make but if the content is right…
      Perhaps I will travel to Hebrides Island this year and we will cross London but I am not sure. Could be that we will take the ferry over Amsterdam/ Newcastle upon Tyne. Your are living in London? Great and interesting work btw….

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