April 17, 2011 in Service Photography

Photos for a Cancer Patients Cosmetician

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I am not only working as a landscape photographer. I am also working for all kinds of clients in Northern Germany. I love challenging and alternating projects.

Life is not always about happiness. Sometimes you have to look twice to see real happiness. This sounds like a chance for photography.

I will show you one of those photo projects. It a service work for a cosmetician who is working with cancer patients.

The client knows how to build up trust. Trust is the ground for working together in decisive moments. And I am really happy to be part of those decisive moments.

To see the gallery click on this photo and follow the link to my German photo service blog, there click on the photo again to see the gallery.

So you have to click twice. Start here:


  1. September 29, 2011 at 17:12

    Lorraine Buttner


    This photo gallery was my first introduction to your work. Wonderful to see the joy in this beautiful woman’s face/smile. You really captured her evolving spirit.

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  4. April 17, 2011 at 17:53

    Bernd Limbach


    How important this activity is!
    From my point of view you can very clearly see how happy the lady was with the result. And not only that, I am convinced she had also a lot of fun in the end, though she maybe was not sure initially. A completely new face was given to her, I believe it is hard enough to live with cancer, but this time will remember and will smile. And her smile is gorgeous.
    Olaf, thank you for sharing this gallery, it is wonderful!

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