This is the first episode of my Weekly Photography Junction.

The Weekly Photography Junction is a collection of interesting information of the last week. These information have this in common: They are of interest to me as a photographer.

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Here we go:

A rare sighting of 5+ rainbows.

An interview with Olaf Bathke…, in German Language…

Wedding Photographers: If you don’t want to get sued you have to be clear.

The winter is coming: how-to-photograph-snow

Of manipulating nature.

Coincidence: There was a fox and another fox sighted in Scandinavia this week.

An interview with Martin Parr is so rare.

Doug Menuez is talking about photography: (via

What a great inspiration for seascape photographers:

Full frame or crop, 5DmarkII or 7D? via PP

Packing like a pro:

Why portfolio reviews are of importance: via

How to tilt in Lightroom:

One word: “ERIN” omg!!! OK a second word: Why do we call them Disposable Cameras?


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