October 12, 2010 in Best iPad apps for potographers

Best iPad Apps for Photographers: Reuters Galleries

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The iPad is a great step in the future of photography. Not that it is changing the photographic workflow, it revolutionizes the way we will absorb information.

And of course photos are information.

This is a start of a new series where I will introduce the Best iPad Apps for Photographers. I‘ll start with the Reuters Galleries – Thomson Reuters:

Great inspiring photos every day

Reuters Galleries is an App that shows you the best reportage photos the agency Reuters has to offer.

There are different galleries you can browse easily. Each photo has some text information you need to understand the photo.

Surely it is build for editors and photo buyers.

But it is also a great resource of inspiration for photographers. And it is an interesting way to follow the daily news.

An intersting way to SEE daily news

If you compare the impact of the App with the same information you can see on Reuters homepage you will have a feeling how good the iPad is for visual information.

And best of all Reuters Galleries – Thomson Reuters is free and for a photographer a must have on the iPad.

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