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Best iPad Apps for photographers: Prepare your next photo adventure with Geo Photo

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A good preparation is essential for an effective photo trip. Thanks to the internet there is a lot of information that can be helpful.

A great resource is the service Panoramio. Thousands of users have loaded their geotagged photos up and you can browse them really comfortable on a map.

A great place to start the next adventure

Panoramio is not the only resource with geotagged photos. Flickr is a great resource for geotagged photos too.

So, wouldn‘t it be great to have a tool that offers you both services in one place?

Lucky they are, iPad users can download Geo Photo Explorer in iTunes.

Geo Photo Explorer helps them finding interesting locations for their next photo adventure with the help of Panoramio and Flickr. It is one of the best iPad app that helps photographers preparing the photo adventure.

Choose between both services: Panoramio and Flickr

You can downloadGeo Photo Explorer for free. It seems that there will be a pro version in the future but there is no information about its features.

Best iPad app: Geo Photo for the photographer

Geo Photo Explorer displays photos as little thumbs on a specific area of a map if you hit the refresh button. If you touch one thumb, it opens a bigger photo. You can stretch the photo with finger gesture.

Normal size view

You can stretch it to King Size

You can do the same with the map. There is also a split screen option that helps you orientating.

The split screen

There is a possibility to display the photos of a specific region in a gallery. So you can browse through the photos. And of course you can find your way from a specific photo to the geo location on the map.

A typical gallery from Panoramio

You also can browse the photos of a specific user. This is an useful option because sometimes you find photographers who really know where to go.

Browse the gallery of a specific user

Both services – Panoramio and Flickr – have options you can contribute of.

Panoramio leads you faster to interesting objects while Flickr has definitely the best photos at all. Flickr helps you more judging the photographic potential of a region.

Panoramio photos are more different while Flickr photos are displayed more in series.

A typical gallery from Flickr

Panoramio users seem to be more hobby photographers to me. They show more surroundings what is of great help for me. It is not the main goal to find great photos but information about the kind of landscape in combination with roads and tracks for me. For example: Where is a good spot to build up my tent?

When I find an interesting spot I put it to my favorites. For offline usage I make screenshots (iPad: home button+on&off switch). It is saved under photos where you can organize them for later usage very easy.

The iPad is a great tool for photographers on the road. I use it a lot.

If you know more interesting apps for the iPad, write a comment!


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