January 22, 2011 in On the road

Meetings and Reconnections

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Some impressions of Ricks Roadtrip


10 years ago I met Rick Koda on his trip around the world. Rick has traveled around the world with a Kawasaki KLR for about 2 years. At that time he was fulfilled with Bob Dylan lyrics. We shared the road for 4 days and talked about the world, ourselves, women, drugs and everything else.

Rick was responsible for my internet activity. He inspired me with his (recently closed) online diary to publish news about my life as a photographer.

He stands for all the other people I met on the road. There are so many people that have inspired me and have given me impulses for what I am now, not only as a photographer.


Winter is the season to reconnect and see what these people actually are doing.

Rick is an intense guy, always surprising me with his lifestyle. Imagine to see a Harvard student who worked with less responsibility as a pizza delivery boy after a two year world trip.

During the years it was always interesting to see what is going on with Rick.

This year I receive a new message:

Hi there!  I am currently enjoying a low-tech life style.
No internet, no email, and no cell phone.

He is offering to stay connected the good old way.

A photo on his blog: Stay connected in the digital world

Unbelievable but maybe he found the right answer to the facebook and twitter mania.

Here are some other people I met on the road:

Sven Seebeck

Dylan McBurney

The Reicherts family

Ben King

Allan MacDonald

Do you have any road trip companions?


  1. March 29, 2011 at 03:48



    This is the first time I write, but I like your website, I think it’s good. Greetings!.

  2. January 26, 2011 at 13:13



    Heftiges Fernweh verursachende Slideshow da oben. Schade, dass man sich in viele interessante und extrem schöne Länder kaum noch traut, weil es signifikante kriminelle oder terroristische Risiken gibt. Algerien, Mali, Tschad, Yemen, … reizen mich sehr. Da traue ich mich (als junger Vater) derzeit aber nicht hin. Andere spannende und bislang ausreichend sichere Länder wie Libyen verbinden das Reisen mit so vielen Auflagen, dass mir von vorneherein die Lust vergeht und von den restlichen eigentlich schönen Ländern sind recht viele touristisch versaut.

    1. January 26, 2011 at 13:32



      @guido: Rick has written about bad things in Nigeria a few years ago. think the risk is there for a long time. but as a father I know what you mean.

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