September 23, 2011 in On the road

Smells like fish

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There are a few things, which smells like fish and one of them is in the near of the Butt of Lewis.

But it started in the flat lands of the Isle of Uist. Great landscape not many travelers. I was heading northwards very fast because I know what awaits me on the Isle of Harris.

Guess what, there was no mobile internet access on all Outer Hebrides Isles. All my efforts to navigate with Googlemaps and iPhone are wasted. So I bought new hardware, some good old paper maps.

But it turns out: Navigation was surprisingly easy, not many roads to get lost.

It rained 75% of the whole time, but I was lucky taking some great photos between the floods. You know changing weather is making good photos.

The people out there were very friendly. The landscape is a bit like Norway, lots of fjell, rocks and Atlantic.

The food was not really good. So I was lucky bringing all stuff with me. I tried a restaurant in the near off the most boring lighthouse I have seen: The Butt of Lewis. And it smells so much like fish…

I have done great photos, lots of great opportunities there.

And I have plannend and prepared a secret project you will hear of in the next months.

Above are some impressions filmed with the iPhone. All sequences are taken out of the hip. But I am sure you will get some impressions on what it is traveling on Outer Hebrides.

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