It is time for a new making of. It is about dealing with a vision and problems. Learn how he retouch a HDR like photo only in Lightroom 4.

This is my first uploaded photo on

  1. Hi Olaf,
    Thanks for an inspiring walk-through, sharing your thoughts on making that nice seascape.
    You mentioned you would use an aperture of 22 in some cases. I rarely use 22, but often 16, and in rare situations aperture 18 due to diffraction. I have to say that I never did a proper test on my L lenses as they perform really okay, and my experience with diffraction comes from 20 years ago. Maybe I should do a test to see for myself.
    What are your thoughts Olaf, am I mistaken?


  2. Kim: f22 works fine on my 24mm 1.4. Testing helps…

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