While I am writing these words I am sitting at the beach in Denmark. Decoyed by the light of my  MACBOOK Pro display moths are flying around my head like ideas that haven‘t found a place to land yet.

As a German I am not used to speak English all of the time. English is not my mother tongue. But it is the language I am communicating with the most, when I am traveling. I like English because of its simplicity and the ambiguousness of its words compared to German language.

There are several reasons to start a blog in English language.

The main reason is to reach more people with my public relations work. It is essential for a photographer to have a great viewership.

The other reason is to network wider than in German borders. I like networking. But nobody will network with you when he is not understanding what he is networking with. I think English will help me growing up a wider network.

And of course there are clients outside the German borders, that have requirments for what I am producing.

When you start something new normally you are not able to see what it will be in the future.

Let us be curious how this place will grow.

To stay with the picture from the beginning:

I know that there are moths flying around my head but I don‘t know exactly where and how they will land.

Hope you will share some great time with me.

  1. Hi Olaf,

    I wish you most success on your new “mission” and I’m curious about it will work. As you know I’m following your german blog and perhaps this is a good chance to advance my english skills. This is my mission 🙂

    Best regards

  2. Well, I’m delighted to read stuff from you and can’t wait to see what you’ll do in english.

  3. Hi all,
    I appreciate English as a language that allows me to express topics in a very compact way (German can be quite different). For technical topics I rather prefer English when working as an Engineer – most probably because I had spent most of the last 10 years outside Germany.
    Anyway, good luck here and keep on moving!

    Take care, Bernd

  4. Hi Olaf,

    I’m from Denmark and read your German blog on a regular basis. I wish you luck in your attempt to keep up an English blog too.

    Looking forward to reading your always eloquent posts.

    Best regards, Kim

    • @Kim: Hello Neighbour: Where are you from in Denmark? Hope my English eloquence lasts…

      • Hi Olaf,

        I was born and raised on Als, and lived there until finishing my studies. 1995 my family and I moved to Vejle.

        With regard to eloquence, there is no doubt in my mind; you will excel in your english as well as you do in your german blog 🙂

        Best regards, Kim

    • @Kim: Ahh, your homepage…, great photos…

      • Thank you for your supportive words, Olaf.
        Coming from you, I take it as an huge compliment.

        Best regards, Kim

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