It is unbelievable what you can do with the camera function of the iPhone in terms of time exposure.

I recently purchased the app Slow Shutter Cam more by accident. (There are also other apps to expand the time exposure of your iPhone camera)

On my last photo trip in the near of Lübeck I was a little bit bored and played around with this app.
It is really amazing what you can do even without a tripod or gorilla pod only handholding the iPhone.
2 sec time exposure done with the iPhone – handholding

The setting for time exposure with the iPhone

You can change a lot of things in the settings of “slow shutter” to get the right time exposure. The automatic modus works fine for me most of the time.

To stabilize the exposure I lay my hand down on a stone or a tree and hold still for 1 or 2 seconds. Time exposure on your iPhone is tricky…

Look at the photos. They are the result of playing around but not far away from professional results.

Of course they are in JPG format and in terms of quality far away from my Canon RAW files.

I did some retouching in Filterstorm. Not much…

So now I want to see, what you can do with your iPhone and an expanded shutterspeed.

I shared this article on Google plus. Please post your results under the article in my Google Plus timeline: To be exactly, here:

0,5 sec

The Quality is not the best…

The are lots of possibilities with time exposure on your iPhone


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