March 30, 2012 in Miscellaneous

Why I use Flattr?

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What is Flattr? To make it short: It is a social micropayment system that lets you support content and creators you care about.

Although it is more about donations, some creators in Europe are building a reliable financial base for their creative work.

It is easy to use:

1. Register,
2. pay in some money via paypal or credit card (for example 2€/month),
3. click on a Flattr button if you see one and determine a donation.
4. At the end of the month, your monthly limited donation will be split though all the clicks you have made. And the creator will receive the donation.

I use Flattr because I was told by some creators that it is a good possibility to give away some money If I like a specific content.

Being not a big fan of “everything must be free” I like clicking on a Flattr Button instead of only liking or +ing something in my favorite social network.

This could make the world a bit better. And it is a fraction of the answer to the actual copyright discussion.

You can explore recently flattred content. As you can see, there is also a section of flattred photos. So there is a place for photographers in Flattr. Imagine a social payment system in Google+, where a +1 means a few cents.

I believe in systems like Flattr! That’s why I am supporting it.

Feel invited to implement the Flattr system in your blog or your Twitter account. It is really easy. (And let me know so I can possibly follow and flattr your creative work)

But don’t think Flattr is a system of income. I guess you will be disappointed. It is a payment system! It is more likely you will get rid of some money than earning it.

But you will make a statement using it:

“Good content has a value and I believe in the value of free creative work!”

I was told that Flattr is not very popular outside Europe. But I think it starts growing there too. For example 5by5 implements Flattr to their network.

I will contact some photographers in the next months to spread the idea of Flattr outside of Europe. I hope it will be heard.

What do you think about Flattr? Please write a comment!


  1. July 26, 2013 at 20:23



    flattr kannte ich noch nicht, bin aber durch deinen Beitrag dem System beigetreten und werden das Ganze mal verfolgen. Meinen erste flattr bekamst du 🙂
    Herzliche Grüße, Bernd, 82377 Penzberg

    1. July 31, 2013 at 08:46

      Olaf Bathke


      Danke lieber Bernd

  2. March 30, 2012 at 20:53



    I think you are right at least in one point – great content does have value Olaf… If it was not so all of the people that deal in arts (photography, painting, music, cinema, dance, etc would be out in the streets asking for food. Art is the most noble of human creations. And if we are glad to subsidise all the others why should art be an exception?

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