February 22, 2013 in Tips and Tricks

Should I buy a new SSD for my old MacBookPro? Yes you should!

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I f you are considering the investment in a new iMac because your pre Retina MacBookPro is too slow think about investing in a new SSD instead.

I have my new SSD from Samsung since yesterday and I am so happy with it.

Everything runs so smooth and fast.

Especially the preview rendering of Lightroom is so much faster.

When I heard about the problems ordering the new iMac I had a quick look at the specs of it.

The CPU of my „old“ Mac Book Pro is not too far away from the one in the new iMacs.

So investing 2400€ in a new iMac that would be probably delivered in 3 month was not so attractive than investing in a new SSD.

My Hard Disk has problems too so I had to buy a new piece of hardware anyway.

8 GB RAM and a 2.1 i7 Quad Core CPU seems good for most of my software. Especially Lightroom has more problems delivering the data than processing it.

My hardware dealer did the math: It took probably 1-1,5 seconds to display a 5D mark II photo on the screen with my old hard disk. The new Samsung SSD should take probably 1/4 of a second. I guess it is faster now. And I don‘t have only 250GB SSD build as a fusion drive. I have the old amount of 500GB as solid state disk build inside.

Not forget to mention the noise: It seemed that the old hard disk was responsible for the fan running like hell. Everything is so quite.


  1. February 25, 2013 at 07:29



    … was bei meinem 2008er Steinzeit Book und der Performance des vermaledeiten Lichtraumes auch ohne SSD gewaltig was gebracht hat : erzähl dem Spotlight, dass die Lightroom-Bibliotheken nicht indiziert werden sollen : haukefischer.fr/cliques-et-claques/Capture_d-ecran_Spotlight_Lightroom.jpg.
    Ich park die auf einem eigenen Laufwerk zusammen mit den sämtlichen Unterordnern; die das Ding anlegt und habe daher das Laufwerk komplett aus der Inidzierung rausgenommen.
    Kann ich auch, weil die Originale und fertig bearbeiteten Bilder jeweils woanders liegen ( mit einer “lesbaren” Ordnerstruktur ) und da über die Metadatensuche auch gefunden werden.

    Gruss aus dem Exil,
    nutzt Lightroom eh nur für “Pfusch und schnell” ; alles, was ordentlich werden soll, will eh vernünftige Ebenen und damit Photoshop haben 😉

  2. February 22, 2013 at 08:04



    So gings mir auch als ich eine SSD in mein Notebook eingebaut hatte!

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