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Buy used photography books

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I have a huge collection of photo books. I love browsing through the pages. Studying one only photographer is also very inspiring to me. And most of the time they have something to tell.

At the moment I order my photo books used via amazon.de or abebooks.de. It is unbelievable what you can find there.

I ordered Jim Brandenburgs first Edition (the one with parchment around it) for 0,79 €!!! It has a dedication in it. Plus shipping costs I had to pay less than 7€.

Or the glorious book Windows of the Soul: My Journeys in the Muslim World from Alexandra Avakian for 7,-€.

It is also a way to get books that are out of print, like the best photography book all of the time

Stay This Moment: The Photographs of Sam Abell


The Family of Man

And It helps keeping our world green. So lets go shopping and tell me, what you have found there.


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    Nice finds. I have picked up some nice used books, more on photographic theory, on ebay.com here in the States. Titles such as “On Being a Photographer,” and ” ‘Why People Photograph.” Only recently have I started to pick up books by individual artists. I’ll check back in when I pick up a few.

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