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Buffer problems with the Canon 5 D mark III (3) – graphical problems on RAW files

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Today I could see a strange graphical issue on 2 photos shot with my new Canon 5 D mark III (3) in high speed shooting mode. Let me show you the problem:

Buffer problems with the Canon 5 D mark III 3 - graphical problems on RAW files

It occurred using a CF and a SD card in both slot using them to synchronize the RAW files on both cards for safety reasons. The issue shows on both cards so I can be sure that the cards are not the problem.

A discussion on G+ (link gelöscht) led to the idea to update my firmware.

Maarten de Boer on G+:

„Interesting thing about the first pic is though, look at the little girls feet (left) and compare the bottom image with the top one. They’re different photo’s! So it appears to me that the buffer was cleared before fully written to the SD/CF cards, hopefully a firmware issue which can be fixed!“

There is another hint on Jeff Cables Blog that there could be problem using both cards in high speed shooting mode:

link entfernt

So I updated it from 1.1.3 to 1.2.1! (Shame on me. 🙂 that I didn’t have done it earlier)

Guess I will run some tests before I take this beast to the next wedding.

The newest German firmware can be found here:

English firmware could be easily found on google.

So hope this helps. I will update this blog post, if the same error will occur twice.

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