September 6, 2013 in Lightweight photography

Lightweight photography – Decision Making

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At the moment I am into lightweight traveling in terms of photography. After years of traveling with the motorcycle and a VW Van I feel uncomfortable getting to places that have easy access for most of us.

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Bored about seeing photos that have been made by others I feel the thrill of new adventures. Is there any magic left in this world, others haven’t seen?

Wouldn’t it be good to go to places no one has been before?

It is of course an illusion to think “no one” but maybe no one with a similar vision like mine.

This is the beginning of some thoughts about getting rid of weight. It is not about right and wrong. It is about the personal best. The best can be anything and it depends on your goals, your needs and your ability to make compromises.

Lightweight photography – An example

And it is about decision making! Have a look at this little example:

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The simple exchange of a lens enables me to save some weight and bring with me more filter because of the smaller mounting thread and the filter weight. With this personal decision I can carry more filter with me. And the exchange of the filter make me more flexible in the usage of them. (VariND+MorSlo for the big fat fragile Big Stopper) The smaller diameter of the lens also enables me to use big graduated filter as neutral density filter. And it could probably save somebody a lot of money.

Therefor I spare the tilting and shifting function of my 24mmT&S. I don’t need this function. So this decision saves me some grams and gives me more possibilities in photo- taking.

Lightweight Photography Community

I founded a Lightweight Photography community on Google Plus to discuss with you this topic.

I am really curious: What are your thoughts on traveling light? What is your personal best tip for lightweight photography?

Discuss this in the comments or in our Community!

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