Date: 12th August 2009

About Alastair Humphreys. Adventurer, author, speaker:

1. What makes a good photo for you?
Something that reminds me that even “normal” things are beautiful if only you remember to look.

2. What do you not like in photography at all?


3. Which book helped you most in the development of your photography?
My book of all the Magnum photographers

4. Which internetlink would you advice other photographers?
Study the “More Properties” feature on Flickr pics

5. How would you describe your photographic style? What is characteristic about your photos?
perceptive, observant, light-hearted.

6. What was your most intense photographic experience?
the crazy busy nighttime roads in Hanoi, Vietnam

7. What is your favourite tool/equipment when you are taking photos?
My 50mm prime lens

8. Who is your favourite photographer/ your photographic idol?
Robert Capa

9. What is in your fridge at the moment?
Beer and sausages for a barbecue tomorrow!

10. What is your favourite music/ your favourite musician?
Bruce Springsteen

11. What advice would you give to an ambitious photographer?
Just take photos. Do  a 365 project where you have to take a photo every day…

  1. Das mit dem 365 Ding ist eine super Idee!

    • @Christoph: So viel Zeit würde ich gerne haben… 😉 365 Tage Langeweile… 😉

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